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Pan African Luxury kicks off first runway show at the Mount Nelson in Cape Town ahead of NYC, Paris and Milan 2024 Showcase

Organisers of Fashion Week Studio Inc international hosted their first fashion runway show in Cape Town, South Africa to launch the Pan African Luxury group which is a collection of some Africa’s top designers to be presented in NYC, Paris and Milan in 2024 to showcase African designers as luxury and developed brands alongside international designers.

The runway show took place on Sunday 2 December and was directed by Fashion Week Studio director based in Los Angeles Amélie Pimont a multifaceted fashion curator, runway director, author, film producer, and CEO who ventured into the fashion world by producing fashion shows for Fashion Week Studio Inc in Paris, Milan and NYC. Over time, her dedication, business acumen, and creative vision propelled her to assume the role of CEO, where she continues to foster innovation, collaboration, and support for emerging and established designers in Africa, Asia, Europe and all parts of the world.

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Amongst the fashion icons in the room, Nathanaëlle Hottois Galetlole Founder and Owner of Fashion Week Studio Inc spoke about her goals for the Pan African Luxury launch to introduce African Designers as luxury to the world and not as beggars or upcoming but as a complete brand that produces world renowned iconic pieces for the international stage and competing amongst some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Nathanaelle was also accompanied by Stephanie Moss, a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind Solutions Group Events, a renowned event management company in South Africa who is set to share her inspiring journey and the sources of her success to help pave the way for local designers on the international runway stage.

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Walking on the runway were 20 models scouted from Cape Town as part of an empowerment programme to groom local models. They showcased for the following designers:

Belle Togs by Keke Moeca a seasoned fashion designer based in Gauteng who recently walked her new range in Paris in September.

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Molebatsi founded by South Africa’s designer couple fashion designer Jessica Jane and film producer/ actor Wandile Molebatsi and recently showcased on Paris & Milan fashion runways. A combination of Xhosa and Tswana culture and traditional wedding or Makoti pieces. The goal of the brand is to show the power of love and unification, the real purpose behind social cohesion, through fashion.

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Christopher Emef by Christopher Emefiele (24), a British Nigerian fashion designer, born in the UK with Nigerian descent. The Christopher Emef brand is a contemporary Menswear brand with the core essence of timeless luxury, known for its meticulous precision and attention to detail in every distinctive garment.

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SARAYYA clothing line by Safiètou Seck a fashion designer from Dakar, Senegal who showcased a variety of handwoven fabrics from Senegal, Burkina Faso and Mali.

Safiétou chose the name Surayya to the express idea that women are precious and unique.

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These 4 designers left the room in standing ovation from some of Europe’s top tier fashion buyers, entrepreneurs, fashion curators visiting South Africa for the first time and looking at ways to endorse local designers on the global stage.

“We have 3 Upcoming shows to prepare for 2024 starting in Paris, Milan then New York and through the Pan African Luxury group launch we hope to pave the way for more African designers to showcase their work to the world.” Said Nathanaelle, founder of FWS Inc.

The show director Amélie also added, “We’d like to send a huge thank you to Stephanie Moss and her team at Solutions Group Events, our partner production company for their professionalism. We highly recommend this very high-end production company here in South Africa and will work with them on all occasions in SA.”

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