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Phone FOMO is a real thing – and now’s there’s a cure for it!

These days, we just can’t live without our phones. From work to shopping and everything in between, these nifty devices are second nature to us, and being without them is like missing an arm or a leg.

But did you know there’s actually a name for this phenomenon? Nomophobia is the new-age, tech-based phobia described as “the fear of being without one’s cell phone” - and there’s a great chance you’ve experienced it at some point in your life. Feeling things like panic, agitation, anxiety, and dizziness when you’re without your phone, are just some of the symptoms.

As psychologist Pam Tudin-Buchalter puts it, nomophobia is not so much about being separated from one's phone as it is about missing out. Missing out on updates, news, the ability to connect to others, and even the ability to reject others.

This FOMO is exacerbated when your phone dies unexpectedly, especially when in the middle of that epic party or unforgettable concert.

This is where Adoozy steps in. The mobile rental power company is keeping people powered up while on-the-go - allowing you to connect, transact, and post online, whenever and wherever you are, even during loadshedding.

The way it works is simple: Download the Adoozy app and register with sign up information, a fingerprint scan and card details to become a customer. Pay the once-off signup fee of R 39.00, and you can then locate your nearest Adoozy Power Tower, wave your hand at the tower and the Adoozy solution will link your fingerprint to your bank card.

For now, this means registered consumers can rent the power bank free of charge every time it is returned - within 48hrs – to any Adoozy Power Tower located within the country. In addition, Adoozy is also rewarding first time users with their share of R500 000 worth of data when they return their power bank for the first time. You can find Adoozy Power Towers in shopping malls, restaurants, at social events and festivals, as well as at selected Game stores across the country.

Tips to beat the battery blues

If you haven’t yet registered to this mobile rental power provider, the experts at Adoozy have provided some tips on how you can preserve that precious mobile battery life for your next adventure or social event.

  • Download an app that will help track loadshedding in your area. This will ensure you can charge up your phone before the power goes out.
  • Opt for full silence mode rather than vibrate. Vibrations actually require more power than your usual ring tone, so putting your phone on complete silence will optimise battery usage.
  • If you’re in a room with good lighting, dim the brightness levels on your phone. You can also use the auto-brightness setting that adjusts a phone brightness to what’s optimal.
  • Buy or rent a portable power bank and keep it fully charged, so that you are prepared when your battery dies – even if a power point isn’t readily available. Adoozy now offers portable power towers across Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban for people on-the-go to charge their phones.
  • Check your background ‘app refresh’ settings and toggle off any apps that are consuming too much power.
  • Reduce your screen time display, which is the time your phone sits in idle after use.
  • End a charge at 80-90% and avoid full cycle (100%) or overnight charging.
  • Avoid exposing your phone to temperatures higher than 35° C as this can lead to permanent battery damage.
  • Turn off notifications. If you’re constantly receiving email, Facebook, Instagram notifications etc, you’re not allowing your phone time to ‘sleep.’

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