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Shifting the narrative: Kim Dammer is disrupting the modelling industry

Image: @kimdammer/Instagram
Image: @kimdammer/Instagram

While the modelling industry emphasises high fashion and good looks, models themselves are much more than that. Despite any unfair connotation of superficiality, there is a long history of talented models who go on to be leaders and innovators in other industries.

Legendary supermodels from the 1990s like Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford as well as some of today’s most popular models like Karlie Kloss and Chrissy Teagan are all examples of models who have gone on to be successful entrepreneurs.

Kim Dammer is a successful model with a bright future ahead of her. The 22-year-old is passionate about many creative fields outside of modeling such as photography, music, and sports.

She believes she has found success in modeling because of her ability to connect with people by channeling positive energy. Dammer’s modus operandi is to inspire people. She wants to galvanize people to live healthier and happier lives and does not want her work to perpetuate unfair beauty standards.

She aims to be a force for positivity in this world, partially because of her strong familial upbringing. Born in Germany to a small Polish family, Dammer grew up in the countryside.

Her parents instilled in her deep family values as well as the importance of hard work and kindness. These values are ingrained in her today and inform her professional and personal decisions.

As a child, she experienced bullying at school. This experience taught her the importance of treating others well. Dammer also acknowledges that because of this negative experience, she became determined to be a strong, positive force for good.

At this stage in her life, Dammer is focused on becoming an entrepreneur. She is currently in the process of starting a membership-only yacht club emphasising health and wellness with her fiancé. With plans to settle in Miami with her future husband, Dammer is excited to continue to drive her entrepreneurial dreams and family values into reality.

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