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This is how you can ‘Reclaim Your Resilience’

This is a sign to put your hustle on pause, according to author, speaker and coach, Nicky Rowbotham.

If you’ve been on the grind post-lockdown but also have a niggling feeling that it’s time to slow down, Nicky shares her perspective on why you should.

Noting that this is quite a statement because “surely our hustling should be at an all-time high now that the world is 'back to normal’ again? Surely we should be grinding like there is no tomorrow to make hay while the sun shines, and, and, and phew. Just phew!” She affirms that she sees you, and how hard you’ve been working.

“What you hold here today is my way of reminding you that as we head into winter, the season of cocooning and hibernation, you too deserve some time to rest and time to return to yourself.” She further affirms that her intention is to encourage you to take a nourishing mid-year pause to look back on what was, and forward to what you wish to come. “A chance to find the things that spark joy in you, that you will hopefully be able to use to set a mindful, intentional space this season so you can free yourself up to bloom and shine your light bright as you step into your Elegant Power.”

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Practically, what does this look like? Below, she shares some her tips and advice

1. Create micro-breaks within your day with time to breathe, as well as setting a clear ending to your day when you disconnect from your responsibilities. Pauses don’t have to be holidays or weekends.

2. Pursue your passions

3. Become incorruptible about your sleep, learn to say no when you need to.

4. Take ownership and step away from energy thieves.

5. Move your body, take time to journal, and practice gratitude.

So how are you reclaiming your resilience today? “You can start small, as long as you start.” she says. Her latest offering, Embrace Your Elegant Power: Your Path to Success Through Ease is a great way to start. It’s full of powerful, personal, and transformative stories and insights. “It’s this your level-up guide to celebrating your own uniqueness and using easefulness as the frequency holder for your life.”

Meet the expert

Nicky Rowbotham is the author of 7 Steps to Finding Flow: Flip the Script on Stress and Embrace Your Elegant Power: Your Path to Success through Ease and is a speaker, author, coach, and a leader who is on a mission to help everyday people create an amazing flow of energy that allows them to live their best lives. For more information, visit

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