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3 Reasons why you need to visit Mauritius' hottest new resort

In need of a tropical vacation? Then, we suggest that you book yourself a trip to the breathtakingly beautiful Mauritius. Known for its warm ocean water and picture-perfect resorts, Mauritius is the ideal holiday destination for couples, family and besties getaways. Come December 15 2018, the island will welcome a new resort - the C Resort. 

The first C Resort will be C Mauritius, Palmar, positioned on a beautiful lagoon on the eastern coast of Mauritius, to be launched with a soft opening on 15 December, with the official opening set for February 2019.

Here are three reasons why you need to visit Mauritius' hottest new resort...

ONE: The Decor 

The French interior designer Marc Hertrich has worked on the resort’s design, alongside Indian Ocean-based architect Marie-Ange Kreitman Taylor. Together, they have created a warm ambience and décor, with a splash of Indian Ocean inspiration, which combines comfort and style in a contemporary way.

TWO: The Vibe

According to CEO Jean-Jacques Vallet, “C Resorts will share the same core values of excellence and inventiveness as Constance Resorts, Hotels & Golf, but will be the cool younger sister, expressing its own personality though limitless fun and creativity. We want to be a place where guests can regain the free spirit of their youth and let go of adult concerns.”

THREE: The Activities

The concept behind the brand is ‘Nature’s Playground’ – combining the simple beauty of the natural surrounds with lively vibes that encourages guests to let go, run wild and share unforgettable moments. Making many of these will be the 12 original guest experiences on offer – Cignatures – that will distinguish a holiday at a C Resort. These include:

• Cwing – swings for grown-ups, scattered throughout the grounds

• Cascade – a giant musical shower in the shape of a jelly fish on the beach

• Circuit – an outdoor fitness studio with equipment made from natural materials

• C Trek – friendly group hikes

• Club House – an activity centre on the beach, with endless games and giant floating mattresses

• Sessions by C – party nights featuring guest DJ’s

Now you can C (get it?) why we're adding the C Resort to our wanderlust wishlist!

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