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Viya Health South Africa Shines Spotlight on Women's Sexual & Reproductive Health

Viya Health, a digital platform dedicated to women's health and wellness, recently hosted the "Be Bold, Be You: Vagina, there we said it" luncheon. The event provided an empowering space for women to gather and share their experiences and knowledge about women’s health.

Viya Health ZA aims to challenge societal norms and dispel misinformation surrounding women's sexual and reproductive health by utilizing social media and engaging in on-the-ground events.

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During the event, digital specialist and brand manager Andy Thwane addressed the attendees, emphasizing Viya Health ZA's commitment to providing a safe and judgment-free community. Thwane stated, "There is no judgment here, just a community of women who want to connect, share, and support each other in achieving a happier, healthier state of mind and body. We will be discussing everything from menstruation to family planning and contraception, self-care and self-love, fertility, and sexual health and pleasure.This is a safe space." This statement reflects Viya Health ZA's primary objective for Viya.

The luncheon was skillfully hosted by popular gynecologist Mpume Zenda, affectionately known as Dr. Gynae, who led the attendees in open discussions on the challenges facing women today. Attendees at the luncheon included notable socialites such as Yaya Mwanda from Big Brother and Lauri Momberg from Mix FM. Medical experts including Dr. Kim Motloung, Dr. Katlego Lekalakala, and Dr. Zuzile Mbele, as well as beloved influencers such as Seithati Letsipa, Boipelo K, and Adelaide Hamese, also graced the event.

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In the digital age dominated by social media, it is vital to engage in open, honest conversations about topics like sex, masturbation, sexual pleasure, and overall well-being that women face. Viya Health ZA aspires to be at the forefront of this change, providing women with access to accurate information and creating a safe space where they can freely explore and enhance their overall health.

About Viya Health:

Established in late 2021, Viya Health emerged as a response to the challenges encountered in the sexual reproductive health space. With over 50 years of experience offering sexual health and reproductive products, PSI (Population Services International) recognized the urgent need for reliable and accurate information and support to curb stigmas and myths surrounding sexual reproductive health and wellness.

Viya tackles topics such as:

Family Planning: Educating women about various sexual protection methods, such as condoms, intrauterine devices (IUDs), contraceptive shots and pills, and fertility tracking, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Pleasure: Rooted in the belief that a positive sexual experience involves maximum enjoyment while minimizing potential health risks. Through proper preparation and education, we empower women to prioritize their pleasure without compromising their well-being.

Self-Care & Love: Topics that are often considered difficult to discuss, such as vaginal care and sexual illnesses or dysfunctions. By providing a safe and confidential environment, we aim to eliminate the shame and encourage open dialogue.

Menstrual Health: The platform openly discusses menstrual health from the initial phase to menopause. We emphasize the impact of menstruation on physical, psychological, and social well-being, encouraging women to embrace their menstrual cycles.

Viya’s mission is to promote women's overall health as well as sexual & reproductive health and well-being while inviting ladies to join in on conversations with like-minded women who are seeking reliable information and support.

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