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3 Things that could go wrong on your wedding day (and how to fix them)

Every bride wants to their wedding day to be perfect.

Unfortunately, even those most meticulously planned weddings can easily go wrong.

It’s easy to say, “things happen” but when that “thing” happens to you on your special day, it could ruin it.

Here are five things that could go wrong – but thankfully there are ways to fix them and get on with your special day.

1. The dreaded, giant, throbbing zit!

Every bride wants flawless, glowing skin on her wedding day. You’ve spent a fortune on facials and followed a strict skincare routine to ensure that your skin will be photo ready. Waking up on the big day with a massive red pimple can be devastating!

Fortunately a good make-up artist can do wonders. That’s IF you’ve hired a professional make-up artist. You’d be amazed what colour-correcting concealers and a good foundation can achieve in the hands of a skilled artist.

2. Oops! A wardrobe malfunction

Before a woman even finds the perfect guy, she’s already found her perfect wedding gown. Brides often go on strict diets and extreme exercise routines to fit into the dress of their dreams.

No matter how many fittings you do before the wedding, it just takes one button to pop or a zip to get stuck to send a bride into a panic.

That’s why you’re bridesmaid/mom/sister should always have an emergency sewing kit at hand. You don’t have to be a professional seamstress to sew a few stitches to temporarily keep things together – at least long enough for the bride to say “I do”.

3. Oh no! Someone dropped the wedding cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is a big part of the wedding proceedings. We’ve seen enough wedding cake disasters in the movies to know how quickly it can happen.

Those massive four-tier cakes are especially vulnerable.

If yours should accidentally fall, have no fear because all it takes is a few nips and tucks to put it together again.

Assess the damage and see what can be rescued – even if that means your four-tiered cake is reduced to a simple one layer. Hey, at least you’ll have a cake to slice!

Fresh fruit and flowers can do wonders to cover up dents, dings and missing pieces.


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