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Why Runway Influence is your go-to agency for all digital marketing needs

Digital and influencer marketing have evolved to become the top resources for most marketing strategies. Model influencers, and influencers in general, command a solid fan base of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers. This has created the need for brands to engage with these influencers to push their products or services through companies like Runway Influence, a top influencer marketing agency that helps connect brands with the right influencers for the job.

Runway Influence was founded by Ernest Sturm, who also serves as CEO, to capitalize on the quick transition that models have been making from the fashion industry to social media and influencer marketing. Seven years ago, Ernest quickly realized that influencer models could rapidly increase brand awareness through their ability to draw attention to a brand and recognize the diverse makeup of their social media followings.

Rated as the best influencer marketing agency, Runway Influence offers strategic, results-oriented solutions custom-designed to meet your needs. These services include content production, influencer endorsements, social media management, brand development, ambassador networking, and influencer product collaborations.

The social media marketing agency is also known for its exceptional booking of the most relevant and prominent influencers to promote top destinations, luxury venues and events, and high-end brands and products.

Runway Influence has established unparalleled personal relationships with all their partnering model influencers, including Sara Sampaio and Alessandra Ambrosio, among many others. Having such high-level interactions and insight about their influencers enables Runway Influence to connect and work with different brands and other top-tier talents that genuinely care about the product they are promoting. As a result, Runway Influence can ensure they help each brand generate meaningful, long- lasting relationships with its target demographic.

Runway Influence recently collaborated with a major Chinese shoe company VIVAIA for which they booked major supermodels and celebrity influencers Candice Swanepoel and Emily DiDonato. “We have personal relationships with all our partnering model influencers. Having such high-level insight into the influencers we work with enables us to connect brands with top-tier talent who genuinely care about the product they promote. This helps each brand generate meaningful, long-lasting relationships with its target demographic,” says Ernest.

According to Ernest, beyond influencer marketing, Runway Influence’s mission is to nhelp amplify your brand’s message as well as produce meaningful and visually stunning content.

Influencers help build relationships with your audience, generate interest and craving for your product, as well as help you create an explosive brand awareness that lives long past the influencer marketing campaign," the Runway Influence website reads.

Networking remains a key priority for Runway Influence, allowing them to collaborate with some of the world’s most recognized brands, including Adidas, McLaren, and TikTok, as well as more recent names, including Talentless, Path Water, WildFox, and Joah Brown. Additionally, the agency works with these brands in various capacities, such as talent booking, content development, influencer campaigns, competitor targeting, project management, talent integration, and growth.

“We’ve enjoyed working with these brands in various capacities. We provide everything from brand development to influencer marketing campaigns to account growth and influencer engagement services,” says Ernest. While providing these services, Runway Influence has personal relationships with all its partnering model influencers, allowing them high-level insight into the influencers they work with. This enables Runway Influence to connect brands with top-tier talent who genuinely care about the product they are promoting, helping each brand generate meaningful, long-lasting relationships with its target demographic.

Technology is ever-evolving, and the Runway Influence team is confident of keeping up with its fast pace. To them, digital and social media marketing is at the core of all marketing strategies, including business development, and it’s their mission to stay ahead of the game. To attain this, they dedicate countless hours to market research, which allows the agency to offer unique services to help their clients stay ahead of their competition by teaming up with model influencers from New York to Los Angeles and beyond.

Ernest aspires to make Runway Influence a powerhouse agency synonymous with influencer marketing. His goal is to cement the agency's position as the go-to social media marketing agency for any brand’s influencer marketing needs, especially when booking top model influencers and celebrities. Ernest wants to accommodate Runway Influence’s clients’ every need as they provide a wide spectrum of services, including targeted account growth, organic engagement from top influencers, account verification services on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, as well as providing high-tier press and media in top publications.

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