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You Never Own Sean Go’s Art, You Are Merely Safeguarding it for the Next Generation

When one buys art, fine watches, and engagement rings, the sentimental value of these luxury products increases as time passes. Nothing can replace the value of the feelings that a childhood Picasso in your living room can evoke, or knowing your engagement ring has been in your family since the 1700s.

Having a Salvador Dali painting, a Rolex GMT Master 1, or a Tiffany’s Ring become a symbol for something stronger than the item’s material quality – these products transcend and become representations of family love, legacy, and longing. By dovetailing a prestigious item with the glamorous hallmark events of finding first love, buying a new home, and graduating from college, these family heirlooms only become more prized as time moves forward.

Pop Artist Sean Go in Paris, by Lawrence Tapalla

Artist Sean Go creates art that is framed for collectors today, but secretly the works on display are really for the children and grandchildren of his art collectors. By capturing stories such as the allure of beauty, the triumph of good over evil, and the way diversity leads to incredible teams, all using pop art characters, Go is able to accurately depict societal trends and sentiments of our 21st century. Go’s witty remixes are very popular among the children, as his simplistic carefree style of vectorized lines, random impastos, and bold use of color stand out in a collection.

Humpty the Iron Samurai Egg (Red)

His art bridges Miami-esque gaudiness with New York refinement and a childlike heartiness. When we fast forward into the future, Sean Go’s art will be the “classic contemporary pop art” that 50 years from now, or even 300 years from now, will feel like the “Good Old Days.” As collectors begin to purchase Go’s artworks, his works like the 3 Blind X-Mice, the 3 Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, and Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, these seemingly hastily construed bootleg manifestations begin to generate this timeless conviction and appeal.

Sith Pikachu

With Go’s artworks and his show Fallacies of Fantasy in June 2023 at Secret Fresh Gallery, Go turned heads for both the “right and wrong” reasons, but picked up strong reputational credibility, as he debuted painted artworks in his hometown like Playmouse, and Mousefather, which were tied deeply to his past experiences critiquing capitalism and understanding the nuances of being an immigrant in the United States, having lived and worked across the nation from 2011 to 2022.

Humpty the Iron Samurai Egg (Blue)

Go’s critical success and exhibition history also includes the MOCAF 2022 (Modern and Contemporary Arts Festival), the 2023 Xavier Art Festival, the Jakarta Art Moments 2022 and 2023, and shows in New York and Atlanta in the USA. Prior to becoming an artist, artist Sean Go worked in finance and venture capital in the USA, in Singapore, and in the Philippines. Go has a total of 8 degrees from UC Berkeley (B.S. Business Administration, B.A. Economics, B.A. Geography), Columbia (M.S. Real Estate Development), Emory (MBA and Masters in Law) and from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and in Parsons School of Design (both Master of Arts).

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