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Five tips to caring for your clothes

As the temperature begins to drop, we are feeling rather inspired by (and excited about!) the upcoming fashion trends for the cooler seasons.

All true fashionistas know the saying: “Fashion fades but style is eternal.” So if that’s true, how do we ensure that our absolute fave, timeless items stay looking good for seasons to come? Enter Ariel My Pod, My Power. Ariel Pods with a touch of Downy is a power stain remover that will leave your clothes fresh and smelling great.

Check Labels on your clothes. These provide important information helps you decide if your clothing is safe to wash in your washing machine, and which setting, and what temperature you should use.

The way that you care for your clothes dramatically affects the look, shape and longevity. Once you've added the key secret ingredient; Ariel Pods with a touch of Downy together with following fabric saving tips and tricks, your threads will always be fresh and clean and last longer.

Ariel Pods Touch of Downy Here are the 5 tips (every girl should know), to caring for your clothes:

1. Inside out

When washing your clothes turn them inside out, this will reduce friction on the outside surface and protect your garments from fading.

2. Zip up


It’s super important to take the time to zip and button up your clothes before you wash them. If you don’t your zippers are likely to snag other items of clothing and your buttons can become loose.

3. Be delicate


Opt for the delicate wash cycle to decrease the wear and tear harsh washing machines inflict on our precious threads. For your more durable fabrics, you can use the normal washing machine setting, as long as you follow the instructions on the labels.

4. Keep cool

Unless the label says otherwise, please use cold water when washing your clothes! This will not only extend the life of your clothing, but it’s also better for the environment as heating the water uses more energy. Oh and by the way, this means it’s better on your purse too.

5. Don’t tumble

Try to avoid tumble drying your clothes. The heat can be pretty harsh on your threads, not to mention the tumbling and pulling and stretching (or shrinking) the poor things go through in there! If you can, rather leave your clothes to air dry.

 Leather lover? We’ll show you how to look after your leather so it’ll last a lifetime.

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