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5 Key places to spray perfume so that it lasts for hours on end

Vibrant and playful, Bulgari’s latest fragrance, Omnia Pink Sapphire, boasts exotic notes of frangipani and wild tiara. With its powerful aroma, it will motivate you to take chances that will release your inner boldness. To inspire you to undertake as many daring challenges as possible, it’s obvious that you’d want the fragrance to last as long as possible. To ensure that it does, be sure to squirt it on to these five parts of your body.

1. Pulse Points

Heat allows odours to be emitted. Because your pulse points are warm in comparison to the rest of your body, they are superb spots for the perfume to settle. Pulse points include your wrists and the regions behind your ears, knees and elbows.

2. Collarbone

What makes the collarbone ideal for fragrance application is that it slopes downwards. Given that, it forms a hollow in which the liquid of the fragrance can be concentrated.



Flaunting your cleavage by donning a low-cut top? Take advantage of your exposed skin by spritzing the perfume on your décolletage, since there’s a bigger surface area from which its scent can radiate.



Think about it: since you walk using your feet, they’re quite often in motion, right? That’s why spraying the fragrance on your feet, will cause its aroma to be exuded everywhere you go.

5. Hair

As fragrances clutch on to fibres, your tumbling tresses are perfect for transmitting the scent of the perfume. However, be mindful to apply it on to a brush, rather than straight on to your locks, to protect your hair from alcohol.

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