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We asked, and THIS is what YOU said the colour pink dared you to do!

Have you ever noticed how colour can instantly change your mood? Throw on a pair of metallic boots in a colour that you love, and we guarantee that in 30 seconds (or less) you’ll be feeling like ‘baller’!

Our favourite mood-shifting hue has got to be pink. Just like our current favourite perfume, Bulgari’s Omnia Pink Sapphire, the colour pink has the power to make us feel confident and daring. We were brave enough to rock chic bodycon dresses, try out exotic new foods and even explore different routes to our holiday destinations.

However, we were dying to find out which bold act the colour pink inspires you to do. So, we took to Twitter to ask you, and this is what you said.

44% of you were inspired to hit up your crush; hinting that plenty of GLAMOUR girls desire some romance in their lives. 28% of you were driven to unzip your makeup bag and get all dolled up. That’s not surprising, since who wouldn’t want to look like a slay queen?

21% of you were spurred on to dye your hair a different shade, showing that you’re in the mood to transform your look- because new hair makes such a strong impact! And, 7% of you were moved to post a video on Instagram. Given that, some of your Insta feeds could be refreshed with a brand new post. Why not enter our GLAMOUR X Bulgari Insta competition here?

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