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Transform your look with the new MAC x Stranger Things Collection

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Something strange has arrived.

Explore MAC’s most transformative lineup yet – an exclusive collaboration influenced by Netflix’s Stranger Things. Transport to the hallways of Hawkins High or take an extra-eerie trip with this contrasting collection of subtle and statement hues made for eyes, lips and face.

“Coming of age in a small town in the 80s, completely relate to the vibe and characters of Stranger Things,” says Fatima Thomas, MAC Senior Artist. “This collaboration perfectly captures the essence of the era: spirited, adventurous and fun.”

The collectible collection is meant to immerse you in this cult-favourite series, from the memorable shade names fans will instantly recognize to the limited-edition packaging, all inspired by the iconic worlds of Netflix’s Stranger Things that bring two universes – the real world and the Upside Down – into one collection.

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Transform your lips with Lipglass / MAC x Stranger Things in bright and subversive shades ready to create a subtle cool-kid sheen or otherworldly glass-like shine – or rush into an alternate dimension with a curated flush of soft pink and burnt red blushes. You can show off your school spirit with the Hawkins Class Of 1986 Eye Palette or step into the Upside Down with The Void Eye Palette that takes cues from the home of the Mind Flayer itself.

The Human World collection is perfect for those ready to “hit the mall with a fresh take on 80s style,” says Dominic Skinner, MAC Global Senior Artist. “Using the Hawkins Class Of 1986 Eye Palette, start by sweeping the shade Starcourt Mall all over eyes, then take Palace Arcade into the sockets, blending out to the outer corners,” advises Skinner. “Blend Powder Blush / MAC x Stranger Things in Friends Don’t Lie from the cheekbones to the temples and up over the brow bones, then finish off the look with your choice of Lipglass / MAC x Stranger Things. My favourite shade, Eerie El, is bound to make the Mike in your life start crushing hard.”

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Prefer to explore the Upside Down? “Fall into the void and embrace the Upside Down with colours that’ll empower you to take on any Demogorgon,” says Skinner. “First, sweep Powder Blush / MAC x Stranger Things in He Likes It Cold over the cheeks, blending up to the temples and lightly over the outer half of eye lids,” he directs. “Next, using The Void Eye Palette, press the shade Code Red onto lids, blending out before reaching the brows and follow with Demogorgon swept into the inner sockets, deepening the eye contours.

Add another dimension by lining around the eyes with The Void shade – heavier underneath – letting it fade to nothing as you blend out towards the end of brows. Finish off this ferocious powerhouse look by swiping Lipglass / MAC x Stranger Things in Marvelous Max and Rockin’ Robin onto the mouth, letting the hues merge.”

Whether you stay true to one world or let playful colours collide with subversive shades, you can bring your most transformative looks to life with the special-deco 217SES Brush and 140SES Brush from the collection.

Which Stranger Things world reflects your individuality?

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