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GLAMOUR X SKIP Digital Storytelling Series: Fashion Director, Tania Durand chats to Tayla Foong, co-founder of 99 Design Store

The GLAMOUR X SKIP “Digital Storytelling Series” focuses on fashion, youth culture, and entrepreneurship in South Africa.

Here, GLAMOUR fashion director Tania Durand chats to fashion entrepreneur, Tayla Foong.

Tayla Foong is the Co-Founder of 99 Design Store - a conceptual store and creative hub that hosts some of the finest local fashion, art, and design in the country.

The store was born out of Tayla’s love of hosting and events, and through her events company, Dear Friends, where she was able to build up a strong network of young creatives doing interesting things.

The store is located at 99 Juta Street in Braamfontein and aims to be an authentic and cohesive space that speaks to the story of young designers.

As a bustling, artistic hub, Braamfontein was a perfect fit for 99 Design. “Braamfontein is home to us. We have the whole ground floor at 99 Juta, and we’re bringing a more high-end, South African design to an actual Braamfontein landscape,” says Tayla.

When it comes to the selection process of choosing designers to house in the store, Tayla says it is an organic process of getting to know individuals and believing in their vision.

Sustainability and locally-sourced materials are also big criteria, as well as exclusivity and one-of-a-kind pieces that are only available at 99 Design.

Tayla Foong, Image: Supplied

“Most of the pieces we have in the store are limited run. That’s one of the key factors to our store - you can only get them here and they’re only available for a short space of time,” she says. “Sustainability is also a huge part and all the designers we’ve selected are following that sustainable vision.”

“Young design, passionate designers, and just cool people are what we aim to push,” she adds.

Through their trans-seasonal, sustainable, and meaningful garments, 99 Design store is a space for creative collaboration and presents an alternative to fast fashion.

Watch the full interview with Tayla Foong below:

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