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How to Stop Clothes Bobbling

Want to prevent your clothes from bobbling? Look no further!

Ever wondered how your favourite clothes liquid detergent, like Skip Anti-Ageing* Detergent, actually came about? And even how it works to fight the signs of clothes ageing? We've put together an interesting read on what liquid laundry detergent is, how it works and how to get the most effective, and cost-saving benefits from this great product.

What is the difference between bobbles and pilling?

Bobbling in clothes happens when certain fabrics, that are more prone to bobbling, create round balls or bobbles on the fabric. Pilling clothes is pretty similar to bobbling, but pilling is when long strands of fuzz form on the surface of the fabric. Fabric bobbling and pilling both occur as a result of too much friction and incorrect washing methods.

Which Garments Are Most Likely to Bobble or Pill?

What Can You Do to Minimise Pilling or Bobbling? Certain fabrics are more prone to bobbling and pilling than others are. Wool fabrics tend to bobble and pill the most, along with cotton, poly-cotton, polyester and nylon. Linen and silks tend not to bobble or pill in general, but if washed incorrectly, over time, they could be affected too. Let’s take a look at how to prevent clothes like jerseys and jumpers from bobbling, and how to wash them to prevent bobbles from occurring.

How to Prevent Pilling and Bobbling?

Here are our top tips for preventing clothes from getting friction-induced bobbles on them:

  • Choose a gentle liquid laundry detergent that has been formulated specifically to prevent bobbling and clumping. Skip Anti-Ageing Laundry Liquid cares for your clothes while washing them thanks to the Fibre Care Technology™ used in its formulation.
  • Wash fabrics like wool and cotton that are prone to bobbling, on the gentlest cycle possible on your washing machine. If you can, choose a wool cycle for wool fabrics specifically.
  • Wash your clothing inside out to prevent bobbles from forming on the outside of your garments.
  • Consider using a good quality fabric conditioner too, to prevent fabric fibres from fluffing.

Can You Remove Bobbles From Clothes?

If your clothes, or winter woollies, already have bobbles or pills on them, here are a few hacks to use to get the fuzz balls off of them: Use sticky tape or a razor blade to remove the bobbles from your clothing Invest in a pilling comb or rolling comb to keep your clothing bobble-free and fuzz-free too.

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*Five benefits based on lab tests on select fabrics.

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