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GLAMOUR X SKIP Digital Storytelling Series: In conversation with designer Bridget Pickering of Ruff Tung

The GLAMOUR X SKIP “Digital Storytelling Series” focuses on fashion, youth culture, and entrepreneurship in South Africa. Here, GLAMOUR chats with Bridget Pickering designer and owner of Ruff Tung.

Backstage at SA Menswear Week 2022, Bridget Pickering, designer and owner of Ruff Tung, is preparing for her second fashion show. Ruff Tung is a womenswear brand and is inspired and empowered by women for women.

The brand celebrates inclusivity, with sizes that range from 32 to 46. . “The best thing about what I do is that it is Ruff Tung inclusive” describes Bridget.

Besides Ruff Tung, Bridget has also launched a local platform called Therapy, which includes 38 local brands that house everything from fashion to jewellery, lifestyle and homewear. “The psychology of women and shopping was the inspiration behind Therapy” but the platform creates an opportunity for these brands to work together and help each other.

If they had to close Therapy, between all the brands they support and those that support them, they would lose approximately 200 women that their brands train, upskill and support. Bridget adds that most of the women that work for them are single mothers.

When it comes to sustainability and supporting local, Bridget says that it starts with local brands and designers. They ensure that they are quality and price-point driven to keep up with customers wanting to buy local and so that they can continue supporting women.

Watch the full interview with Ruff Tung below:

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