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Dominican bombshell Lineisy Montero reveals her beauty secrets

With her almond-shaped eyes, luscious lips and radiant skin, it comes as no surprise that Dominican model Lineisy Montero, grabbed the attention of big names in the fashion industry. Her striking looks were on show when shooting the campaign for ELIE SAAB’s latest fragrance, Girl of Now Shine.


As we watched the fragrance’s ad, we were curious to know how she manages to stay that gorgeous all day long. We could only dream of turning heads like she does the next time we’re out with the girls. Luckily for us, we managed to get the low-down on a few of her beauty hacks. Here they are…

The best beauty advice she’s been given:

“Drink lots of water!”

Her skincare must-have:

“I am not following a routine but I usually apply a homemade mask based on brown sugar and honey. It’s really good for the skin.”

Her top five products:

- Skin moisturiser

- Mineral water spray

- Lip balm or light lipstick

- Mascara

- Fragrance

It was clear that she’d never leave fragrance off the list when she said, “Without it (fragrance), I do not feel pretty.”

Since perfume is a key item for Lineisy, we wanted to know what she thought of ELIE SAAB’s Girl of Now Shine.

The season it reminds her of:

“The fragrance has the freshness of summer and also a powdery retro feeling. It recalls summer memories.”

Her favourite notes:

“I think the almond and orange blossom- both are found in my country. Almond is soft and earthy and the orange blossom is light and warm like the sun.”

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