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#GMG18 – A look back at last year’s winners

As the build-up to GLAMOUR’s Most GLAMOURous 2018 begins, we thought we’d take a nostalgic look at last year’s winners.

Below are the ten gorgeous ladies who won the prestigious award in 2017.  All of them are extremely talented, fashion influencers and (of course) glamorous.

We asked what the word GLAMOUR means to them:

Alyssa Cole


“Glamour is self-love, a feeling that comes from within.”

Cara Frew

Singer and model

“Glamour is effortless elegance, confidence and timeless style.”

Dineo Moeketsi


“Glamour means stepping into all that you desire to be. It’s everything you wear from head to toe, plus a little attitude.”

Lulama Wolf

Fashion blogger

“Glamour is about staying simple and feeling luxurious.”

Mishka Patel

TV presenter

“I think of glamour as sequins, faux fur, red lips, bronzer and glitter, but most important of all is confidence.”

Boity Thulo

TV presenter and actress

“Glamour is a beautiful inner glow fused with confidence and personal style.”

Jenna McArthur


“Glamour is confidence, knowing who you are and bringing something special to a look, whether it’s your attitude, a statement piece or that mystery that makes people say, ‘there’s something about her…’”

Taryn Louch

Radio DJ and stage actress

“Glamour is a state of mind that’s about your energy, how you accentuate your assets and how you feel, rather than beauty or age, as it’s timeless.”

Enhle Mbali Maphumulo

Actress and businesswoman

“Glamour is the ability to dazzle people with your style, personality and just overall ‘It factor’. Glamour doesn’t try too hard – it just is.”

Marianne Fassler

Fashion designer

“I love the traditional definition of glamour: to be charmingly, fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way.”

Want to see what went down at the GLAMOuRous affair? Watch the video below to get a taste of what to expect this year.


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