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How to pamper yourself like an influencer

Scrolling through our IG feeds, our screens are flooded with posts of trendsetting influencers. Apart from having glowing skin, their makeup is on point, their hair has a lustrous sheen and their nails are flawlessly manicured. Sometimes it looks too good to be true and has us wondering just what they do to achieve this. Well, you can steal the show just like they do, by spoiling yourself with an afternoon (or even a full day!) of pampering, at these five spots in Brooklyn Mall.

1. Le Chic Beauty Clinic

Begin your pamper session by rejuvenating yourself with a body treatment at Le Chic Beauty Clinic, which is run by experienced beauty expert Paula Bhana. Relax tense muscles with a deep tissue Full Body Massage, and get rid of dead skin cells as your body is lathered with a nourishing blend of ingredients, by opting for the Body Exfoliation + Wrap. If it bothers you, tackle your stubborn cellulite and reduce its appearance with the Cellulite Attack Contouring Wrap.

2. SkinPhD

Now that your body’s feeling rested, give your skin some TLC with one of the treatments at SkinPhD. The Skin Perfect Deep Cleanse has been designed to get rid of any impurities in your skin. It includes steaming and the application of a pomegranate mask to comfort your skin. If you suffer from dry skin, try the HydroPlump K2 Treatment, which incorporates Vitamin K2 bio technology that adds a dose of moisture, and boosts levels of antioxidants.

3. Gary Rom Hairdressing

With your skin looking as radiant as ever, it’s time to jazz up your tresses. At Gary Rom Hairdressing, you can give your hair a complete overhaul by switching up your colour or taking the plunge and chopping off your long locks. Not feeling that adventurous? Simply add a few highlights for an instant pick-me-up, or neaten your fringe with a trim. They also offer treatments to enhance your hair’s health, like the Kevin Murphy Strength and Moisture treatments, and the GRH Derma Assist.

4. Make-up Designory (MUD) Studio

Amp up the glam factor by having your makeup done by one of the professional artists at Make-up Designory (MUD) Studio. Once they’ve worked their magic, you can rock any look you choose, whether it involves a dramatic smoky eye, classic red lips or shimmery bronzed cheeks. You can also learn to do your own makeup by securing your spot for a one-on-one lesson. If you’d like to bring your girls along, book a workshop for at least four people, which includes a personal brush kit for each of you!

5. Sorbet

Once your hair and makeup’s all sorted, don’t forget about your nails! With Sorbet’s tempting array of options, you’ll find it impossible not to indulge. The Power mani and pedi involve a soak, exfoliation and massage, and if you don’t wear nail polish, you can have a No Paint Power mani or pedi. Another idea is to apply the long-lasting Harmony Acrylic & Biosculpture Gel nails, either to the tips of your nails or over the entire surface of your nails. What’s great is that the acrylic and gel nails can both be filled.

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