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5 Major career keys we’ve learnt from TV host Roxy Burger

You may remember Roxy Burger from back in the day when watching KTV was just as addictive as catching up on your favourite series. She’s come a long way since her days as a presenter on the wildly popular children’s show and has been a firm fixture on SA television since then. One of her latest gigs is hosting season two of How Do I Look? South Africa, which is not only a makeover show, but a show that transforms lives by boosting confidence.

We chatted to Roxy about her career adventures so far, and these are five major career keys that we suggest you apply in your own life, to keep on killing it in the workplace.

1. Your career journey is a one-of-a-kind experience.

You may long to walk a similar career path to that of people who you look up to, but Roxy makes it clear that your path is no one’s but your own: “ Don’t emulate anyone’s success. You need to run your own race and make your own way. Your destiny is unique in that it’s yours! Stay true to who you are and the success will come.

2. Make things happen - don’t wait for opportunities to present themselves.

No job ad, audition notice or call out for models? No problem. Take a leaf out of Roxy’s book. She proved that she’s unstoppable: “ From the second I stepped foot on set, I knew that this was something I wanted to do. I was an avid fan of The Power Edition , which played on Saturday mornings, I even started nagging my mom about wanting to be on KTV. I eventually looked up M-Net’s phone number and called them. They advised that I get an agent and start the audition circuit.

3. Don’t let others pressurise you to compromise your principles.

Getting where she wanted to be didn’t come easy for Roxy, but she didn’t let this stand in the way of what she believed in. She explained: “ Producers didn’t take me seriously, plus I looked incredibly young for the longest time and people only saw KTV when they looked at me. I was told to go model in a bikini for a men’s magazine to shake off my juvenile image, but it was so not me! I’m glad I stopped listening to others and started doing what I felt was right for the path I was on.

4. Being a mom doesn’t mean that your work should take a back seat.

If you thought that having kids will rob you of chances to take your career to new heights, Roxy will remind you what being a mom is really all about: “ There’s this rhetoric that life ends when you become a mom, which is not true. You don’t become less employable, less sexy or less interesting. This notion is ridiculous. We’re raising the next generation of awesomeness, please don’t get in our way.

5. Be there for your fellow sisters, and allow them to be there for you.

Life can throw some nasty surprises at you, but Roxy knows that when we have each other’s backs, we can handle anything. She spoke about sisterhood: “ It’s about crying on each other’s shoulders, celebrating each other’s triumphs and forgiveness. It’s about growing apart and growing together, and all the little moments in between. It’s a life shared.

Catch Roxy on season two of How Do I Look? South Africa, Thursdays at 8pm, on E!, DStv channel 124.

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