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How to stage a fashion intervention

If you've ever seen an episode of How Do I Look, you’ll know that it's known for having guests on the show who undergo much-needed makeovers. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed enough to go on a TV show and tell our loved one that they are need of a new look. Lucky for you, we've listed 7 key steps that will help you stage your own fashion intervention, and help your friend look as good as she feels.

1. Find the problem

In order to fix something, you first have to find the source of the problem, right? So the first step of an intervention, even before approaching your friend, is to find out what exactly it is that you feel you need to help them with. In this case, it’s their style, so ask yourself: does your friend dress in unflattering clothes that hide any semblance that she is, in fact, a woman? Does she dress inappropriately for work, or show too much skin? Find the faults in her style and come prepared with solutions.

2. Be kind

Humans in general, but specifically your friends, can be quite sensitive to criticism. So approach with caution. You don’t want to go in guns blazing, and insult your friends’ style. Instead, encourage her by using the words "a fresh start" or "show off your best assets". Maybe, go in and compliment everything you do like about her style, and then bring in the things she could improve on. You could even make it a team effort, where you go on an adventure together to start fresh. To put it simply, just make her feel good, and she’ll trust you. And most importantly, stay positive, for the both of you.

3. Purge your cupboard

Now comes the fun part! It’s best to start by purging her closet. So, have your friend try everything on and decide whether it needs to be chucked or kept. Again, remember this is not an episode of Idols where you can let rip with all your opinions, but rather ask questions like, “Does this make you feel good?” or “Do you really need ANOTHER plain white tee?” Then make three sections: 1. giveaway, 2. throw away, and 3. keep. Keeping in mind that the 'keep' pile should be the smallest!

4. Reorganize

Now that the purge is over it’s time to reorganize. The perfect closet is built on key wardrobe essentials. Think basic and neutral bottoms and dresses and tops that are flattering and a good starting point to begin with, then add more fun items that best reflects your friend's personal style. You might also be able to coax her into creating a capsule wardrobe.

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5. Shopping time!

Someone who is not into fashion and shopping could possibly dread the process of spending all day in the mall trying on clothes. So it’s your job to make it a fun experience. Be her own personal cheerleader; shower her with compliments when she’s not feeling her best, and try and help her the best you can. Also, make sure to pick out a variety of items for her to try on. Remember, your own personal taste might not be the same as hers. First, have her try on her picks, then have her try on yours, which will be a win-win for both of you. Your end goal is to make her say, “I look good,” and believe it.

6. The grand finalé

It’s time to show off all your hard work. The big reveal. Pamper your friend by treating her to a mani, style her hair and do her makeup. Invite your closest friends over and put on a fashion show for them. To make it even more fun, do a before and after and, hopefully, you will both be pleased with the outcome.


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