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Our top 5 How Do I Look moments

ICYMI the popular TV show  How Do I Look? has it’s very own South African version.

Of course, our addiction first started with the American version of the show – so when we got our very own version we couldn’t be more excited. And after an emotional and exciting first season, a second season was confirmed. Whether you’re a fan of the show already or haven’t seen a single episode we rounded up some of our favourite moments from the show that brought out all of the emotions in us. From tears of laughter to tears of sadness.

Roxy’s face at the reveal:

We can’t help but giggle at Roxy’s facial expressions at the contestants’ big reveal. But at the same time, we don’t blame her. Every episode they come out looking UH-mazing!

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#FBF Who wore it better? A) 😮 B) 😱 or C) 😃? #HDILSA

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The contestants’ reactions

Every week a new fashion victim comes in with different problems but at the end, they all have something in common – they end up looking so gorgeous thanks to the  How Do I Look?  team. And the moment they see their transformation is priceless and usually ends up in tears of happiness from both the contestants and the viewers.


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Kats shade

Kat is known for not holding back on the contestants. After all, he is the professional. But sometimes we can’t help but burst into laughter at some of his shady comments. LOL


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Wow, shade 😎! ! #HDILSA, Saturday 6:10pm CAT.

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Need we say more?


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Roxy’s baby bump

Watching Roxy’s evergrowing baby bump and how managed to look so damn good episode after episode.


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Catch Season 2 of How Do I Look? SA on Thursday, November 8 at 8 pm on E! Dstv Channel 124.

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