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5 things you didn’t know about Bernini

1. Bernini is the only sparkling grape frizzante in South Africa.

2. This lifestyle drink is inspired by the Italian way of life, it represents the Italian’s attitude to life. Bernini is all about that La Dolce Vita way of life darling.

3. Style, sparkle and glam is what it’s all about. Bernini compliments the self-assured, ambitious and super driven woman. It’s for the doers, the thinkers, movers. #GlowGetters that are glowing all the way up.

4. We know that a girl loves to have options. So, ladies whatever your variant, Bernini has it. You can choose between three delicious sparkling grape variants. There’s the rich and gold Classic Bernini, for those with a palate for sweet, delicate grape notes with a hint of honey and the popular Bernini Blush, which has floral grape notes with hints of tropical fruits and berries. The new Ruby Berry flavour boasts elegant strawberry and red berry aromas, subtle floral notes and a crisp, clean finish.

5. The prominent B and the royal crown icons indicate that this isn’t just any drink, it is made for Queen Bees. It is a drink for the fierce and fabulous queens slaying with style and grace. She is securing that bag, works hard, and plays even harder.

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