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6 style tips to help you Glam up for the Bernini Sparkle Night Event

This is how you turn a basic night out on the town into a sparkling evening of Bernini glitz and Glamour.

Bernini drinkers are Glow Getters! Glow Getters are bold, courageous and have ambitious attitudes. And this is how Glow Getters dress up for a sparkly night out on the town.

The Outfit

Consider Sequins

Sequins have and will always be a serious fashion statement, especially this year. With so many different ways you could wear them, you can choose the quiet yet eye catching look or go all out with a glamourous and glitzy number.

A Flash of Neon

According to the trend experts, neon hues are back with a bang this year and rocking a vibrant colour is exactly what a Glow Getter would do on a stylish and sultry night out with the girls.

A Bold Shoulder

A bold and puffed up shoulder on a jacket is perfect paired with square necklines on feminine dresses. This would be the perfect outfit choice for the Glow Getter who is as much about the hustle and ambition as she is about looking good.

Make up

Add some sparkle with a sweep of shimmery face powder to your cheekbones.

Glow your look up with a bright blusher for the night.

Make a statement with a bold lip. Pair a bold colour and amp things up with a gold gloss finish.

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