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3 Lipstick shades that will make your teeth look whiter

A dazzling set of pearly whites is the perfect accessory to compliment any outfit. However, sporting a Hollywood-worthy smile like your favourite A-lister can come at a hefty price tag. The solution? Applying a gorgeous lipstick that’s way more pocket-friendly than cosmetic dentistry. The trick is to choose a shade with the right undertones .

Because cool colours and warm colours are opposites, cool colours in yourlippie, like blue, will counteract warm colours in your teeth, like yellow. Given that, a lipstick with a blue undertone will give the illusion of a whiter smile. It’s basically a colour-corrector.

Why not sample the tried and tested lippies below? They all boast blue undertones that’ll be perfect for brightening up your smile.

1. RED: Lancôme


Thanks to a dose of vitamin E, Lancôme’s Matte Shaker easily slides on without drying out your lips. The lipstick is manufactured with a patented Ultra Thin Film technology, making it feel like a second skin. Plus, it creates a chic, lip-stained look so that your pout makes a statement even several hours after you’ve done your makeup.

2. PINK: NYX Professional Makeup

Shocking Pink

NYX Professional Makeup’s Matte Lipstick is highly pigmented, allowing it to add a striking coat of colour to your lips. It gives off a silky finish whilst moisturising your lips so that you look fabulous and keep your pout smooth at the same time. It’s also super long-wearing, so you need not worry about it fading away after a hearty meal.



Nude lippies are often similar to peach or brown- both of which could make teeth appear more yellow than what they really are. However, MAC’s Viva GlamV is a pinkish nude, meaning that you can rock this understated yet elegant shade, without spoiling your smile. What’s more, every cent of the lipstick’s selling price goes towards to the MAC Aids Fund.

Lipstick can only get you so far. So, up the ante with Listerine Advanced White for the dazzling white smile in 2 weeks.

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