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3 Ways to get your smile ready for summer

At GLAMOUR HQ, we have a saying about getting yourself picture-perfect for summer. Our mantra is: ‘Summer bodies are made in winter(and spring).’ As soon as the winter chill hits, us GLAM girls shop for the finest fitness gear, hit the gym and streamline oureating habits.

Most recently, we realised that we could apply the same principle to our pearly whites- because there’s no point in taking a swimsuit snap with a busted smile!

The best way to keep your million-dollar smile looking fly is to avoid drinking beverages that stain your teeth.

Want to get your smile ready for the summertime? Here are three ways to do just that…

Sip on some ros


Red wine is nearly everyone’s go-to wine option. But, if you want to get your teeth in tip-top shape, reach for a glass of rosé or pinot grigio. For extra smile protection, drink a glass of water after each glass of wine.

Whiten up

(get it!)

If you want to guarantee a dazzling white smile, use Listerine Advanced White mouthwash, twice daily. With three powerful essential oils, Listerine Advanced White has been proven to whiten your smile and blocks new stains from developing in just two weeks.

Channel your inner college kid

You might want to break out the beer pong at your next party, because, believe it or not, beer is the least likely alcoholic beverage to stain your teeth. So, grab a six-pack of pale ales or pilsners the next time you’re at the liquor store.

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