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5 Beauty hacks every woman should know

ONE: Frizz Tamer

Run out of Argan oil or in-between blow dries? Simply place a bit of coconut oil in your palm and wait for it to melt, then apply to your frizzy hair. The coconut oil will tame fly-aways and fight frizz, to create a smooth and sleek finish.

TWO: Multi-Purpose Makeup Stick

So, you’re a minimalist, and can’t stand the idea of lugging around a makeup bag in your purse? Grab your favourite red or rose-tinted lipstick and use it on your lips, eyelids, and cheeks. It will take up less space in your bag and will leave you looking romantic.

THREE: Foundation Fixer

Did you know that adding a tiny amount of moisturiser can help lighten a foundation that’s too dark? Now you don’t have to fret about buying the wrong foundation shade.

FOUR: Makeup Brush Cleanser

Cleaning your makeup brushes with soap and hot water is not going to cut it. You can splurge on a pricey makeup cleanser or reach into your kitchen cabinet and grab a bottle of vinegar. To create a budget makeup cleanser, mix one-prt hot water with one-part apple cider, then add a teaspoon of face wash.

FIVE: Dual Action

Save space with Listerine Advanced White, for a hassle-free way to whiten teeth in just 2 weeks.

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