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5 Health checks you need before you turn 40

Your health is your wealth, so invest in it!

Here are the five health checks you need before you turn 40.

STI Test

If you’ve never had one by now, you definitely need to make a doctors appointment to get an STI test. South Africa’s STI and HIV infection rates are high, so do make every effort to know your status, whether you’re sexually active or not.

Pap Smear

It has been reported that in a worldwide meta-analysis Africa was found to have the highest human papillomavirus

 (HPV) prevalence in women. These shocking stats should be reason enough to visit your gynaecologist.

Dermatologist / Skin Cancer Screening

Even if you’re someone who doesn’t leave the house without packing on piles of sunscreen, you could still be at risk of contracting skin cancer. The test only takes 10 minutes and requires zero blood work. So, visit a reputable dermatologist as soon as you can.

Glaucoma / Eye Test

Glaucoma is an incurable form of eye disease where the nerve connecting the eye to the brain is damaged. Most people think of it is an “old person’s disease”, but you do not want to get to forty or even fifty and find that you could have taken better care of your eyesight.


1 in 28 South African women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime breast, so it is vital to go for a mammogram by age forty. The screening involves using an x-ray to see if there are any irregularities in your breasts.

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