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GLAMOUR Women of the Year awards 2018 through the lens of the Samsung Galaxy S9+

As you know, the GLAMOUR Women of the Year awards took place this past Saturday evening, to honour 10 South African women who are changing the game in their industries. Guests from all walks of life gathered at Mall of Africa, to celebrate the achievements of our winners, who refuse to wait for others to make a move and instead, take the initiative to create opportunities for other women.

With Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ in hand, we took the most Instagrammable and tweetable images of the evening, to share on social media. Given that, it was only fitting that the hashtag #withGalaxy, be added to all of our posts. At the star-studded event, guests were dressed to the nines and we caught every single moment on camera- from red carpet interviews to awards ceremony speeches.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is a smartphone that reimagines the way we communicate, share memories and experience the world. The major plus point is the smartphone’s camera quality. The device offers a wide range of features for capturing moments, and by opting for the Live Focus, Auto and Super Slow-Mo features, we achieved clear and crisp imagery.

The stylish gadget has been refined with an infinity edge screen, slightly enhanced for greater brightness and accuracy. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ boasts a dual camera setup similar to the Galaxy Note 9, with the fingerprint reader more logically located below the dual cameras. But, thanks to a completely new camera module, the innovation does not stop there.

The smartphone’s primary rear camera features a Super Speed, Dual Pixel 12MP AF sensor, with optical image stabilisation, and a second 12MP telephoto sensor, for wide angle shots. The front-facing camera on the other hand, includes an 8MP AF sensor. In addition, the multi-frame noise reduction technology embedded in the image sensor, combines a maximum of 12 images into one image, for outstanding low-light detail and improved noise performance.

What’s more, the Galaxy S9+ sports a 12 MP Dual Aperture lens with two modes, namely F1.5 and F2.4. In F1.5 mode, the Dual Aperture system automatically adjusts to absorb more light, which is much-needed for low-light shooting. If, however, you’re in broad daylight, the system switches to F2.4 mode, to ensure that your pics are sharp.

This summer, you can actually Upgrade to SA’s most loved smartphone and stand a chance to win a Samsung Premium TV, trust me, your summer will never be the same again. For more info visit and capture every moment this summer.

** Check out the snaps we took with Samsung’s pioneering Galaxy S9+? Just search the hashtags #GLAMWOTY18 and #withGalaxy on social media.

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