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Most iconic TV shows with a powerful female lead

So often we as women are bombarded with imagery that portrays female leads as wilting flowers, pushovers and doormats. This list aims to celebrate four iconic television shows that have gone against the grain, and have cast powerful female leads.

The Queen Mzansi

This telenovela has captured South African’s hearts ever since it first premiered on Mzansi television screens in 2016. Starring veteran actress Connie Ferguson as the lead, the show has been known to trend every day on Twitter and has played a part in switching the largely masculine narrative of TV shows in South Africa.


The Fixer & How to Get Away with Murder crossover

When we think of shows with powerful female leads, the first show that comes to mind is The Fixer (Scandal) or How to Get Away with Murder. But, earlier this year these two female produced and lead shows uped the ante when they released an episode that featured both Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, as well as Viola Davis as Annalise Keating.



While Insecure  is centred around a female lead who is rather quirky and is still coming into her own, the character is still powerful in the effect it has on women. Seeing the less  “together”,  powerful woman in the making in Issa Rae, contrasted against the powerful career woman in Molley has been an empowering and transformative experience for female viewers around the world.

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