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The quickest and easiest summer hair care tips for the season with love from TRESemmé

TRESemmé’s lead stylist Smangele Sibisi, makes getting your hair summer ready that much easier - with the most simplistic tips, here!

GLAMOUR: 5 must-have TRES products for the summer season?

SMANGELE SIBISI: These 5 products speak for itself: Botanics moisture & replenish detangling butter; Botanics moisture & replenish oil mist; heat defence spray; TRESemmé volume lift mousse; TRESemmé Extra Hold Spray. Everything you need, no matter your hair type to get you going this season.

G: 3 tips on how to take care of your strands with TRES?


  1. Always detangle your hair before taking it to the wash basin using the Botanics moisture and replenish detangling butter.
  2. Use your heat defence spray when using hot styling tools.
  3. Lastly introduce

G: Recommendations for summer-ready locks?

SS: A cute pixie cut if you’re feeling bold to combat the summer heat, add some colour to add fun to your summer styles; and hair accessories are always a good idea to elevate the look (head scarves, clips, cute scrunchies etc.)

GLAMOUR: A summer hair care tip or trick, we shouldn’t be sleeping on?

SS: A trick - Add the TRESemmé oil mist and a cowash in to your hydrating water to create more moisture. You can use this mixture before undoing your plaits or braids, before washing your hair or while detangling and add it on your moisturising routine.

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