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Discover Fun Factory’s Exceptional Sex Toys for Him & Her with Matilda's

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Matilda's is the longest-running and largest online adult store in South Africa.

They believe healthy equals happy and want you to give your body and your sex life the love you deserve! A healthy sex life, whether you're partnered or solo, is key to personal health and happiness, and vital to good relationships. This is why they provide quality products to their customers, so you have all the necessary tools and accessories to care for yourselves inside and out.

Sexual health is one of the most complicated topics in relationships. It is one of those things that requires a bit of time to understand, and we believe that it is always essential to FUN it up.

As Europe's largest manufacturers of erotic toys, you can be guaranteed that Fun Factory has every product for you. They have exciting sex toys for male masturbation, female solo play and couple’s playful passion. Fun Factory also offers various sexual health products such as menstrual cups and kegel balls. All made from high-quality hypoallergenic materials, along with a 2-year warranty, which is why Matilda's offers such a wide variety of options from the Fun Factory brand to their customers. Plus, their bright colours and exciting shapes make them so much fun to use.

These are Matilda's 5 Top Fun Factory sex toys you need in your bedroom right now.

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Laya 2:

It’s Fun Factory’s most popular toy! Precise and always on point when it comes to personal pleasure, this powerful clitoral vibrator is made from body-safe silicone. The ergonomically designed Laya 2 hugs your body perfectly for maximum effect. We love it, so will you!

The Laya Spot has always been a popular choice for the ladies. Loved for its shape, which is perfectly suited to the female form. Bring some adventure to your bath, jacuzzi and shower time with this waterproof, rechargeable vibe.

The vibrator has an integrated battery charger inside the toy and is rechargeable with a magnetic charger of the CLICK ‘N CHARGE system. With four vibration intensities and six vibration rhythms, this toy is guaranteed to take you to O-Town!

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Limba Flex Dildo:

Customise your orgasm with the Limba Flex Bendable Dildo by Fun Factory. We know that everybody is different, and so is every time you have sex, so why not have a dildo designed to hit the spot every time making it a perfect fit for anybody.

Variety plays a huge part in having a great sex life and the Limba Flex provides all the variety you will need. With a flexible core, the Limba Flex can be moulded into the perfect shape to hit your favourite hot spots. Once set-in place, the Limba stays this way till you are ready to change things up.

This customisable dildo features a flared base making it safe for anal play and easy to fit into most harnesses. With a strong suction cup, you can secure your Limba to any smooth surface for solo fun like no other.

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Manta Black Line Mood

Manta | Male Masturbator:

We love a multitasking toy - and the Manta Stroker is a fantastic solo toy that doubles up as a couple’s vibrator. Use it for masturbation or shared fun. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless!

This masturbator turns his penis into a vibrator during sex - so both partners can enjoy the delicious vibrations as they travel up his shaft to her G-spot and clitoris. The divided shape of this toy strengthens vibrations and the handle gives you a great grip and perfect control during solo and partner play. The Fun Factory Manta Male Masturbator is super sleek and discreet.

The six speeds and six vibration patterns invite you to start slowly and work your way up to a powerful orgasm - one setting at a time. This stroker is waterproof for bath and shower play. This toy gives you 120 minutes of fun from a single charge, and the travel lock function makes it the perfect travel companion. Use with a good lubricant for extra sensation.

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Vibrator – Pulsator – Dildos – SMARTBALLS >> lovetoys Made in Germany

Sundaze | Pulsating Vibrator:

Spend the day in bed with sensual satisfaction like no other. Stimulate your body with 15 varied sensations from tapping, to pulsating and even deep and rumbly vibrations. Engaging nerve endings that other vibrators can’t, the Sundaze by Fun Factory awakens blood flow for instant arousal and outrageous orgasms.

Did you know that nerve endings throughout the body respond differently to different sensations? The Sundaze Pulsating Vibrator stimulates multiple parts of these sensitive little guys by pulsating, vibrating and tapping, priming your body for deeper and more fulfilling orgasms.

Enjoy hands-free fun by propping your Sundaze up against a pillow or hand it over to your partner to tease and please you to ecstasy. The varied sensations are perfect for those looking for light stimulation and those who love powerful play. The travel-lock lets you take your new best friend on fun-filled adventures for spontaneous playtime anywhere, anytime.

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Bootie Ring | Anal Plug:

The Bootie Ring by Fun Factory stimulates the prostate and the nerve-rich perineum while giving him a firmer, longer-lasting erection. It’s comfortable and perfect for bottom play beginners with a sense of adventure!

The Bootie Ring by Fun Factory combines a butt plug with a cock ring for intense anal pleasure and prolonged play! This toy is designed to massage the perineum as it treats him to light prostate play. The cock ring keeps him firmer for longer and intensifies sensation for an explosive orgasm.

The Bootie ring is modelled on Fun Factory’s popular Bootie S plug, made from non-porous medical-grade silicone that’s comfortable, easy to clean and hygienic. This toy has a tapered tip that’s easy to insert and the base fits comfortably between his cheeks, allowing him to switch positions easily.

This toy enhances anal pleasure from every angle and targets multiple erogenous zones for incredible stimulation. The stretchy ring is pulled over the shaft easily, making him feel firmer and bigger while the butt plug stimulates his prostate with its perfect curve.

A smooth silicone ridge connects the plug and the ring, and this gently stimulates his perineum for extra pleasure just where it counts! This cock ring and butt plug combo is made in Germany and is used with a water-based lubricant.

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