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4 ways to win with home workouts

This year arrived with much anticipation, and while it’s not exactly what we had hoped for, there’s hope on the horizon in many forms.

Claire Bowen from deodorant brand Shower to Shower says that the good coming out of the “Great 2020 Lockdown”, is that the thought of exercising at home became more appealing and more accessible.

“Before we were confined in our homes, the thought of heading out for a run or to the gym was far more acceptable than running around your own backyard or exercising in the lounge.

But with social distancing firmly in place, and the likelihood that we’ll have to maintain these measures for a little longer, she offers a few ideas to keep you moving in your safe space.

1. The most underrated of all equipment

One of the most affordable items to keep fit, and definitely the most underrated is the humble skipping rope. Be prepared to feel like an uncoordinated five-legged toddler to begin with, but once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll be amazed at how fast your fitness increases. And remember, it’s all in the wrists!

2. It doesn’t have to feel like work

With schools going back so much later, we’ve heard it all when it comes to excuses – but this is something that you can rope the kids into. Dancing is an incredible home workout which can encompass everything from jumping, star jumping, squats and a twerk or two. Put on your favourite track, set a time and get moving for a minimum of 30 minutes.

3. You are the fancy equipment

If it’s equipment you lack, then there’s no need to worry – there’s nothing better than your own body weight to get the heart pumping. All you need is space in your lounge or backyard, your body and the willingness to try.

Get started with squats, step-ups and lunges to warm up and progress to things like the "plank", mountain climbers and shoulder taps to work your upper body. The internet is your friend, so find a workout that matches your level of fitness and begin.

4. Keep your mind healthy

In the midst of a pandemic, taking heed of your mental wellness is as important as your physical health – so you might opt for activities that help with mindfulness too. Practising yoga is a tried and tested method of self-centring and calming your mind through the anxiety and panic.

All you need is a mat and a comfortable outfit. There are countless yoga instruction videos on the internet and doing anything from 15 minutes to an hour a day will bring a sense of peace to the mind.

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