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5 Tips to improve your running

Looking to start pounding the pavement this year? Then hit the ground running with these tips to improve your technique and performance

Watch your posture 

Good form makes a good runner. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, that your back is straight and your head is held high. The better your form, the more you’ll be able to avoid injury and unnecessary stress on your body. 

Put your foot in it 

Landing on your heels can make you more prone to injury. Rather keep your feet underneath your body as you run, instead of ahead of it. Using this technique will help you land mid-foot rather than on your heels, taking the stress off your joints. 

Take it easy 

Trying to build your endurance? Resist the urge to run as fast you can straight out of the gate. Instead, use an easier, more relaxed pace. This will allow you to run further for longer, and increase your stamina over time. 

Gather speed 

If you’re looking to increase your running speed, interval training is your friend. Alternate short sprints (say 30 seconds at 90% of your capacity) with slower jogs in between (two minutes at 60%). Repeat three to five times at least once or twice a week, and you’ll soon speed up

Hit the trails 

Bored of road running? Mix things up with a little trail running instead. The varying terrain, like sand, mud, rocks and grass, will keep you challenged, while the views will be a welcome change. Plus, once you get back on the road, your pace over even ground will seem much easier!  

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