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6 ways to make your 2020 New Year's fitness resolutions last

Image: Unsplash The second week of January is almost over and many new year’s

resolutions are slowly falling to the wayside, including your goal of becoming

fit and healthy. But it doesn’t have to be that way, says Ceri Hannan, Virgin

Active South Africa’s National Product Development Manager.

This year, set yourself some attainable goals and take small

steps to become your best self. Hannan shares six easy ways to start.

1. Count every step

Record your daily steps with a wearable fitness device or

your smartphone (just make sure to take it everywhere!). And while the elevator

or escalator may save you time, taking the stairs will up your heart rate and

increase your steps. As your daily steps increase, you won’t stop walking to

reach the next level.

2. Drink more water

Your body is made up of 60% water, which helps maintain

digestion and body temperature, and absorb nutrients. Skip the carbonated

drinks and keep a refillable water bottle at your desk or in your bag.

3. Mix it up

Join an exercise class (or two!) with a friend to keep

motivated and really drive results. Whether you prefer stretching out in a yoga

or pilates class or hopping on a bike in a Ride class, Virgin Active’s group

exercise classes are designed for all fitness levels.

4. Build your core

Make a habit to flex your stomach muscles before you get out

of bed in the morning. Lay on your back and pull your stomach toward your

spine, lift your pelvis gently then lower it again. Repeat 15 times each day

for a strong core.

5.Breathe in deeply

Very few of us breathe correctly. Do this simple exercise

twice a day to improve blood flow, digestion, posture and more: Take air in

through your nose for 2 seconds and fill your stomach, then breathe out slowly

through your lips.

6. Track your progress

Download Virgin Active’s app on your smartphone to to keep

you motivated and easily track your fitness. Features include SnapCapture,

which allows you to take a photo of your workout or equipment and sync all your

data, and Challenges & Leaderboard that enables you to view your results

against other members.

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