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Galaletsang Koffman reveals how her career keeps her healthy: ‘Acting is exercise’

Focused on her physique! Galaletsang Koffman is putting fitness first in her life and channeling holistic wellness. “The River” actress has taken the challenges of this year in stride as she has dedicated herself to looking and feeling her best.

Galaletsang, a vegan enthusiast who also enjoys hiking, pilates and yoga, is committed to developing “a strong mind, a strong body, and a strong soul,” she exclusively tells GLAMOUR South Africa, noting that her career supports these goals. “Acting is an exercise, both for the mind and body - I am always in motion and emotions.”

The South African starlet is now using her social media platform to document her continued fitness journey, and she’s certainly inspiring her followers along the way.

Galaletsang caught up with GLAMOUR on all things health and wellness, and opened up about how she’s created a balanced lifestyle.

What sparked your passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle? Was this always important to you, or did a certain instance in your life inspire it?

I have always fantasized about being the ultimate being, it is as though I am constantly jumping on this trampoline of life trying to reach for my ultimate self. I am mostly about holistic fitness: a strong mind, a strong body and a strong soul. It was important that I didn’t stay down and that I always wanted more and better for myself.

What is your current fitness regimen, and your nutrition plan you use to stay in shape?

I am vegan, veganism has played a tremendous part in my health regime. I love hiking, pilates and yoga.

Knowing that the time factor is a major deterrent for many people, how is it that you are able to manage the demands of your acting career and still make time to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle?

Acting is an exercise, both for the mind and body - I am always in motion and emotions. Secondly, my acting role requires me to have this body, as a result - I need to make the time to exercise, to ensure that I maintain this body for the character that I portray at that time. However, I have always been aware of my health and have tried to always keep myself within a certain body mass.

What new projects have you been working on recently?

The inside, I am working a lot on being and becoming. It is as though I am living out the memoir I would love to read.

How do you think that exercise and fitness can be therapeutic?

Once one has decided that they love themselves enough to connect with the vessel then that becomes therapeutic within itself; the body heals and the mind gets to live longer.

There is a sense of therapy in living a healthier, lighter and energetic life. It connects the mind with the body and life suddenly becomes calmer.

Who or what gives you the most inspiration and motivation to achieve your fitness goals?

Myself, it’s so difficult that what I see in the mirror and the image in my head are two different things but I am happy with knowing that I know I can always achieve more and so, I push myself. I am in love with my own potential and my own human journey.

How would you describe your philosophy or motto on health and wellness?

Funny enough, I don’t have one. However, sometimes I just wish that there was a manual because that would really help to navigate around life or even a troubleshoot button.

As for now, I just take life as it comes, living in the now, being spontaneously present. I take every day as a new challenge and run with it.

How do you prioritise your mental health with your fitness regimen?

One doesn’t really jot that down into their calendar - can’t really be like “yay…at least I know that the anxiety wave will come on Friday so rather I dodge the bullet”.

It’s more like doing things that keep the mind happy and at peace, sane, I do the things that remind me to smile. I try by all means to protect my peace.

How would you define wellness?

Spiritually, sexually, physically, emotionally, mentally and financially STABLE.

How do you practice wellness in your daily life?

I just live - I don’t really have all the answers and I hate disappointing myself. Every day is different but what I like to do is to listen - I listen to myself and talk to myself.

I witness my existence and that is well with me. If I can sit and reconcile with Galaletsang then I have done what I need to do for the day. I also drink water, tea and laugh as much as I can.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to live a healthier and more mindful lifestyle?

Do it for you! Do it for your health! Keep motivated.

What is something people may not know about you?

“I’m actually an introvert and people look at my character and see the complete opposite” (my friend actually said this). Now, what I would actually say is that, it wouldn’t be something that people don’t know if I told you, now would it?

This article was written by Sebastien Lagree

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