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Lose, gain, lose, gain, lose. What’s the problem?

Ever been in a situation where you’ve lost a ton of weight, then gained it all back again? Then lost it again, and gained it again? And so on and so on until your life is just one endless cycle of weight loss? It’s called yo-yo dieting, and while it’s hugely draining and frustrating for the mind, it turns out it’s just as damaging to the body as well. 

Increased body fat 

Ask any diet expert and they’ll tell you that fat is way easier to gain than muscle. Which means if you’re constantly losing weight only to gain it all back again, you could be steadily increasing your body fat percentage at the same time. 

Liver problems 

An excess of body fat means an excess of fat in the liver, which can increase your risk of contracting type 2 diabetes and, in extreme cases, cirrhosis (liver failure) as well. 

Heart conditions 

The stress of constantly losing and gaining weight can take its toll on your heart too. Research has shown that yo-yo dieters can have up to three times greater a risk of sudden heart attacks, and a 66% increased risk of dying from coronary heart disease

Mental health deterioration 

Stress, anxiety, depression… all of these can be brought on by a neverending cycle of yo-yo weight loss. What’s more, the higher your stress levels, the higher your cortisol levels as a result – a hormone linked to the onset of chronic diseases. 

And these conditions are only the beginning. If you want to live a long, happy and healthy life, constant weight loss and gain isn’t the answer. What is the ultimate solution is losing weight in a steady, sustainable way? Making small healthy choices over time that lead to big lifestyle changes, and enjoying everything you love in moderation, rather than a famine and feast approach.

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