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19 insane online dating sites you never knew existed

You’ve heard of online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Happn, but what happens if you want to find someone who ticks all your boxes rather than just take a chance? What happens if you want to be in a relationship with a bearded bloke who loves bacon, is gluten-free and enjoys nothing more than the countryside? Well, with these online dating sites, you may just find them. Here we break down the nichest love apps on the Net… Enjoy.



Oh, yes. Your dreams really could come true – Disney style. MouseMingle, a dating site “for Disney fans”, promises to help you “find your Mickey or Minnie” by connecting you to users who are Disney mad too. Currently, just in the US, we’re hoping they bring it across the pond ASAP. Who doesn’t want the fairy tale, eh?



Struggle going out on a date because you can’t eat most things? Fear not. Find someone who has to find a gluten-free candle lit meal with you.



Now, this is niche and dare we say it, a little bit creepy. SingldOut matches potential lovebirds through DNA. Why? We do not know. How? They will mail you a DNA test kit. Creepy? Erm, yes.


Muddy Matches

Want somebody who loves nothing more than frolicking in green open spaces or embarking on muddy walks in the hills? Register yourself on Muddy Matches then – it’s made for country bumpkins (no urbanites allowed).


Trek Dating

Sci-fi obsessive? Well, there’s a dating site that’s tailor-made for you. Trek dating pairs Sci-fi, well, more specifically Star Trek, fans together so they can geek out in all their loved-up glory.


Farmers Only

We think the title may give this one away. Yes, it’s for farmers looking for love who, well, only want to end up with a farmer. Fair doos.



If you can’t sacrifice your time with your favourite pooch for a loved one, find someone who feels the same and you can both love your dog (and each other) together.



Calling all bacon lovers – Sizzl is the dating site for you. It will actually find you a match on your bacon preference. When you sign up you have to reveal your innermost thoughts on bacon in a questionnaire. Like it crispy? Prefer it smoked? Opt for turkey or pork bacon? Don’t hold anything back.


Shorter Singles

If you’re short in height, find someone who’s not too tall to kiss on Shorter Singles and if you have the opposite problem head to…


Taken from GLAMOUR UK. Click here to read the original. 

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