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4 benefits of anal sex

So for the past two years, anal sex has become very popular, with more men asking their girlfriends and wives for it. If you are one of those people who hasn’t tried and are curious about it, we have some news for you; experts say anal sex has quite a number of benefits.

Here are a few we found out about;

Anal sex orgasm is epic

So according to experts, just as we come when our G-spot is stimulated with vaginal sex, we can also come from anal sex. Anal sex stimulates tissues connected to your G-spot so you will have an epic orgasm.

Journal of Sexual Medicine released a survey in 2010 that said 94 per cent of women they spoke to reached an orgasm during anal sex.

Bring out the naughty in you

If you are looking to be more kinky with your bae and spice up things in your sex life and relationship, anal sex may do just that for you.

No pregnancy risk

There’s no chance of getting pregnant with anal sex. You can still get STDs though from unprotected anal sex.

Pleasurable for both you and bae

Because the anus is tighter than the vagina, men generally like that, so your man will get a lot of pleasure. But the pleasure doesn’t only end with him, because of the many nerves in and around the anus, you will also be pleasured with anal sex. Your man can reach your G-spot from your anus.

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