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ICYMI: SA men in their feelings after Bonang Matheba and other women weigh in on polyandry proposal

Bonang Matheba. Image: Instagram
Bonang Matheba. Image: Instagram

The South African government’s proposal to allow women to have more than one husband has put the cat among the pigeons.

The polyandry legalisation, one of several wide-ranging proposals in a Green Paper in Parliament, has sparked massive debate.

The new marriage proposal allows for wives to have multiple husbands, causing concern among religious and cultural groups.

The issue is being widely debated on social media with #polyandry, trending for a number of days on Twitter.

TV personality Bonang Matheba got tongues wagging with her comment in a Times Live article, saying: “Yes please!! I want 2 husbands..”


Her comment didn’t seem to sit well with some of her fans, especially men.

“Who ever introduced this topic or even want the govt to debate this topic needs pastors, priests, sangomas and conventional medical Doctors to come together n check whether that person's brains are ok. Where hve u ever seen 2 bulls in one kraal?,” commented one user.

Another said: “This is a dangerous experiment. Prepare for something bigger than the GBV. Are we not having more than enough social problems to contend with ?”

But most sensed Bonang’s often misunderstood sense of humour and went with it.

The polyandry debate also saw award-winning satirist, Lesego Tlhabi, weigh in on the matter, jokingly saying: “South African men need to chill with this topic. We’re not entering polyandry with y’all Face with rolling eyes Do we want to be disappointed twice?? Please.”


If social media comments are anything to go by, it appears women are fully in support of polyandry, while men are either thinking it through or totally against it.

Check out some of the funniest comments we could find below:


– IOL | Marchelle Abrahams

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