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Meditation has proven to heal trauma wounds in relationships with Father figures

The paternal bond is usually somewhat complicated when it comes to women; many times there is a conflict about how to heal the relationship with your father because not all of them are fortunate enough to have a father present or who has established a strong relationship.

We know that, many times, the search is directed to the environment, to the outside, as if we suddenly expected it to arrive between the days of everyday life, however, it is important that you recognize that nothing that does not exist within you, can exist outside, Therefore, connecting with your interior is what will solve the conflicts that exist in this relationship.

This is where meditation becomes the channel to transcend all those negative emotions and achieve a strong and healthy connection with the most important part: with yourself. Many times, healing a relationship does not depend on the other person or their role in your life, rather it has to do with the meaning that you give to their presence and what the Universe tries to teach you through it. of that experience. Healing is releasing, so there is also the possibility that you need to close that link if it is not being nourishing for you.

Whatever direction the father and daughter relationship should take, the important thing is that you work on your being to be able to understand yourself better, know where what you feel comes from, what you need to change in order to be lighter and be much more human. The magic of meditation lies in the fact that, when the expansion of consciousness arrives, your perception of reality is completely modified, allowing you to understand events in a healthier way.

You may be wondering how this will happen, as it may sound like something complicated to achieve, but we will tell you why meditation will help you improve your relationship with your dad and even all the others you have.

There are two points that meditation will help you work on and will greatly benefit you: the conscious response and the power to let go.

How to heal your relationship with your dad

Human beings have a way of responding to any conflict that is almost primitive, it is the way we responded to the dangers that attacked us thousands of years ago and we cannot avoid it because it is something that happens almost automatically. However, the conscious response comes when you have the ability to separate yourself from the situation, understand it beyond the ego and be able to generate deep reflection before passing any judgment or allowing someone else's words to have the power to hurt you.

Meditating daily will strengthen your emotions, your thoughts, your ability to abstract and will also have an impact on the way you react to moments where your peace of mind is compromised because you understand that your priority is you.

Whenever you find yourself in a moment where you feel that your relationship with your father is fracturing or is being too strained, you can give yourself space to meditate and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does this conflict reflect about me?
  • What am I not communicating?
  • Am I acting correctly or am I getting carried away with anger?
  • What should I learn from this tense moment?
  • How much power am I giving to my father's words or actions?

Once you have let the answers come to you through meditation, you may be able to heal your inner self, protect your emotions, and take you down a path of acceptance, where you recognize that an act of self-love is also letting go. that which is not going to contribute to your life.

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