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On our wellness watch: The wellness influencers you need to follow

We all follow an array of influencers and experts on our social media. I must admit I love wholesome content, particularly on Instagram. And finding wellness tips, holistic advice and health hacks whilst scrolling. These are currently my favourite wellness influencers whose feeds I’m watching.


Co-founder and chief creative of cer of The Underbelly Yoga Jessamyn has createda wellness-yoga platform that champions inclusivity and positivity. Her voice is bold and powerful, never stops no matter what anyone says about her and offers yoga classes to people from all walks of life.


You may know him as a holistic nutritionist. His approach towards prevention and healing revolves around four pillars: balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep and emotional detox.


Hulisani prides herself on taking care of her wellbeing. I love that she doesn’t shy away from sharing her losses and gains through motivational and inspirational content on social media. She’s transparent, genuine and creates a conversation around her journey. As you scroll through her feed, you can’t miss her inspirational quotes, which are candid and come from a place of experience.


We all need a mental clean up every once in a while, and Dr Leaf’s tools, such as her app, podcasts and books, are everything you need to manage stress and toxicity. I’ve invested in Dr Leaf ever since I read her book Switch On Your Brain (R250,, which reveals the key to happiness, health and positive thinking and challenges you. I love Dr Leaf’s spontaneous live videos on Instagram, which are highly informative and relatable, irrespective of the time of day or situation.


Her podcasts inspire optimism. I love that she talks to trailblazers from all walks of life and offers a guide to holistic living. You can use her approach to help you on your wellbeing journey, increase happiness and optimise functionality and success.


I love following Robyn’s content because she focuses on holistic health and beauty and makes vegan cooking look easy – and affordable, with ingredients that don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. She focuses on vegan beauty, reviews products and recommends non-toxic products.

This article was originally published in our May ‘Wellness Issue’. Grab your digital copy here.

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