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These are the wellness trends to look out for in 2022

As the world shifted and our lives changed dramatically over the last two years, wellness and spirituality have gained massive traction the world over. People are constantly looking for new ways in which to enhance their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Fortunately, 2022 shows no signs of this slowing down as emerging wellness trends of 2021 seem to be taking an even stronger hold this year.

Here are 4 wellness trends to look out for in 2022:

Intuitive eating

The stringent rules of dieting and healthy eating may be put on the back burner this year as the practice of intuitive eating emerges into the spotlight. Intuitive eating is the notion of listening to your body: Giving into your cravings (in moderation), eating when you’re hungry and to stop eating when you are full. It also encourages us to become aware of the emotions related to our eating habits - are we truly hungry or are we eating to fill a void of loneliness, sadness, anxiety etc? Intuitive eating highlights each individual’s personal journey with food rather than the one-size-fits all template of dieting.

Plant-based eating

Plant-based eating is continuing to grow in popularity, with an increasing number of people consuming less meat than they did a year ago and opting for plant-based alternatives of animal products. The motivation behind this shift is not only driven by health reasons but also the fact that it’s better for the environment as well the ethical considerations of the meat industry.

Brain wellness

Lately there’s been a major focus on the brain in wellness circles. This is not only about our emotional wellbeing but the actual physical organ of the brain - such as which foods and supplements are best for optimum brain functioning? How can we improve our memory? What type of brain exercises prevent neurological decay? How can substances such as mushrooms improve learning ability, for example? After all, it is arguably the most important organ in our bodies.

The healing power of vibrational energy

The field of energy healing has long been in existence but it’s effectiveness often doubted by those in the medical fraternity. The idea is that we are all made up of cells and molecules that vibrate at different frequencies. Thus, the type of vibrations we surround ourselves with can transform the cells in our bodies. Researchers believe that vibrational energy can improve our physical health, stimulate cell renewal and regeneration, alter our moods and help us achieve our goals and intentions. We predict an influx of new tech and science on how to harness vibrational energy as a powerful new wellness tool.

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