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The most common dreams about relationships explained

Getting a good night’s rest is vital for your physical and your mental state, but when you dream about your partner doing some questionable things, you tend to wake up more annoyed than relaxed.

But whether we like them or not, experts believe dreams can offer an insight into our hidden feelings and thoughts.

Dream analysis experts at, in collaboration with, have revealed the possible meanings behind some of the most common relationship dreams, according to a survey of 3 854 people.

Partner cheating with an ex

The most common dream people in relationships have is that their partner is cheating with an ex – which usually means you have insecurities which you need to pinpoint.

Is it because you fear abandonment, you feel neglected by your partner or you have poor self-esteem?

In some cases, these dreams can also mean there is a third person in the picture who you fear can bring danger to your relationship.

Partner breaking up with you

The second most common dream. While you wake with a dreadful feeling, this dream usually has a positive connotation behind it.

It means you are taking the next step in the relationship, an ending in a way and the beginning of something new and exciting – like buying a house, getting married or as simple as saying “I love you” for the first time.

Expecting a child with partner

If you don’t want a baby in the near future then you know how scary this dream can be. However, the meaning behind it is quite beautiful.

Dreaming of having a baby is related to having new ideas and creations in your life.

The partner role in the dream is to help you build and nurture those “new ideas”.


If you dream of arguing with your partner, this usually means there are some feelings you have had bottled up for a while which need expressing.

Communicating those issues and expressing your hidden emotions will make you feel like a burden has been lifted.

Having sex with partner

Having this dream can mean that there are some sexual desires you have not shared with your partner but would love to experience together.

This type of dream can also create a deeper bond between the two of you as they are the object of your desire above the physical world.

Partner dies

This dream could signify a fear of losing your partner or ending the relationship.

It could also mean that you have noticed your partner has changed and that creates anxiety.

Getting married

This dream can signify that you are getting very close to your current partner as you start thinking about doing more things together than separately.

It signifies the stronger connection as a duo, your commitment and dedication.

Partner is trying to kill you

Dreaming that someone is trying to kill you is terrifying, especially when the person who wants to hurt you is your lover.

However, this dream usually signifies that you are afraid of something which you are trying to avoid in real life.

This article originally appeared on IOL.

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