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Soft, silky, smooth

Let your hair down All that blowdrying and heat styling can leave your locks looking frazzled. But don’t despair; just 10 minutes with a hair mask on will give you manageable, re-moisturised tresses.


Show some leg For irresistibly soft skin all over, upgrade your body lotion to a thick, emollient body butter that forms a protective barrier against moisture loss. 


Face forward Wind, sun, airconditioners… Your face has a lot to contend with! Avoid a lacklustre complexion by using rich moisturisers packed with water-attracting ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Still feel parched? Swap your soap for cleansing milk. 

Hands up Hand creams are famously tricky: they either repair but are greasy or they absorb but don’t last. These two, however, are both non-sticky and long-lasting!



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