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Diet myths busted!

Myth Eating carbs will make you fat

The truth Thanks to popular eating plans like The Atkins diet, many slimmers have developed an irrational fear of eating carbohydrates, in the misunderstanding that chomping on a bread roll or tucking into a bowl of pasta leads to weight gain. Not true! Eating carbs can help to lift your mood, power your brain, aid weight loss by keeping you feeling fuller for longer, give you the energy you need to burn fat faster, and protect your heart.

Hot tip Swop out white, starchy carbs for wholegrain brown rice, seeded breads and spelt pasta. Aim to have a small portion with each meal to stave off sweet cravings and give you energy.

Myth Diet soft drinks are better for you

The truth Companies spend millions convincing us that it is better for our health to choose a diet soft drink instead of the sugary alternative. While it’s true that diet options are usually lower in kilojoules, they’re packed full of potentially harmful chemicals like artificial sweeteners, sodium and phosphoric acid. There’s also some evidence to suggest that diet drinks can lead to weight gain by tricking your brain into thinking glucose is on the way, without actually delivering the sugar it’s promised. Your body’s then set up for cravings, making you more likely to indulge later on.

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