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Q How do I get the most out of my teeth-whitening session?

Professional teeth whitening lasts around four months, keep your pearlies whiter for up to a year with these tips. 

– Oral hygiene is key, “visit your oral hygienist before having any whitening treatments,” says Cape Town dentist, Dr Theo van der Walt. Over time your tooth enamel stains and the underlying tooth structure yellows. A thorough cleaning will help.

– Avoid “staining” foods and beverages like coffee, cigarettes and red wine.

– Use whitening toothpaste. Not as effective on it’s own, it can however prolong the effects of professional whitening.

– Try a home programme: the levels of carbamide- and hydrogen peroxide in home kits are not as strong as those used by a dentist. They are safe and easy to use and are usually monitored by a dentist. 

P.S. Floss! This will keep stain- causing foods out of those nooks and crannies.

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