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Avoid embarrassment this festive season

Ever woken up in someone else’s bed after a fabulous night out, unprepared for your exit?


After watching the Harvey Nichols campaign (see below), we couldn’t help but be reminded that with the festive party season in full swing, there’s no doubt some of us will be facing the ‘walk of shame’. So, in order to try own it, the GLAMOUR team has put together some tips on how to turn the walk of shame into the stride of pride!


1. Fix your hair. Pull it back into a cute up-do to remove all tell-tale signs of a bed-head.


2.  DON’T forget your sunnies. Slip them into your bag before you go out incase you may have to face the early morning sunlight the next day.


3. Pack a reasonable sized bag before you go out. Yes, we all love a cute clutch, but  if you know you might be having a napover, rather go prepared. Slip a few touch-up items, such as powder and mascara as well as a pair of sandals into your bag before you head out.


4. Steal his T-shirt! Take your arms out of your dress and pull it down to create a longer skirt, throw on one of his tees and rock that smart/casual boyfriend look! The longer length of your skirt will stop you feeling overdressed in the morning, and a tee on top will make your look seem casual, and completely intentional.


5. Reapply your lippy to look fresh-faced.


6. Stride tall and exude oodles of confidence! Make people think you’ve just stepped out to grab a morning cup of coffee.


– If all else fails – always keep a paper bag handy — slip it over your head and no one will ever know!


How to avoid it altogether?


– Stay at the party spot til the following night.

– Make sure the party comes to you so other people do the walk of shame!


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