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Father’s Day

No matter what you’ll probably always be daddy’s girl, so why not bring out your inner child this Father’s Day and surprise him with something special? Whether you’ve got kids of your own and want to help spoil your husband, or just want to say thanks to your dad this Father’s Day (no matter your age), we asked dad and GLAMOUR art director, Juan, father of an 8-year-old little princess, what he’d like for Father’s Day.

– ‘Breakfast in bed (with help from mom of course).’


– ‘Anything handmade is always nice (especially coming from an 8 year old – like a painting or a hand-drawn card). She’s a bit of an actress as well and she also loves reading, so she could sing me a song, put on one of her hilarious plays.’


– ‘A framed picture of her and I, that I can keep on my desk at work.’


– ‘Biltong and chocolates (Luckily I don’t really eat chocolates, which is a good thing because she always lands up eating them anyway).’

– ‘To allow me to win a game of snakes and ladders, UNO or maybe even allow me to find Waldo before she does, just this once.’

– ‘But mostly, just to spend a day out with the family where I don’t really have to do too much.’

– ‘Oh, and one last thing (I think I might be pushing it now), I would love an iPad from mom… Just putting it out there!’

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