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Women of the Year: Reader’s Choice

Take loads of talent and masses of vision. Add passion. Sprinkle with spirit and style. And – presto! – the recipe for great inspiration: our GLAMOUR Women of the Year 2012.


Unlike every other GLAMOUR Women of the Year, this year was the first year we asked you fabulous GLAMazons who you’d like to see as one of the winners. After sifting through amazing nominations (by you) and tallying loads of votes (by you), the winner was chosen!


Striking, elegant and amazingly long legged, Bonang Matheba has taken the SA media by storm. At just 25, Bonang owns her own production company, stars in her own online reality show, B*Dazzled; hosts YFM’s ‘The beehive with Queen B’ and presents SABC1’s Live. Proof that those striking looks are matched to canny business acumen and charisma.


GLAMOUR: You always cite your mother as one of your biggest supporters – how has she helped you get to where you are today?

Bonang: I’ve spent 90% of my life (and time) with my mother. I’ve watched how she created an amazing family and raised four beautiful and successful children. I want to be just like her; she’s a woman of  stature and grace and I’m so happy that God chose her for me.


Your wonderful ability to effortlessly move between English and Setswana has defined you as the epitome of the modern South African woman – close to your roots, but also embracing our diversity of culture and languages. Why is this important to you?

Mainly because the Tswana culture is so small – not a lot of SeTswana speaking people are on TV, so I represent a minority in this country. I feel I need to represent them and make them proud because there aren’t many of us. I come from a wonderful culture and I’d like to be the embodiment of every Tswana girl in SA.


What makes you most proud about being South African?

Our democracy as it is so liberal and modern and gives everyone an opportunity to be great. In my eyes, SA is really the land of oppurtunity.

What are you most passionate about and why?

Young women. The campaigns I choose to be part of are all for the improvement of young women in South Africa. From the Brutal Fruit Glam Goddess campaign to the Lifestyle ‘Carry yourself With Confidence’ project, I want to empower all the young people that speak to me on social networks every day.


You are still very young, for all that you’ve achieved! How have you found being a young woman in a very tough industry?

It’s been amazing for me, as I feel that being young is an advantage (well for me at least). I have a great family, so no matter what I’ve experienced I’ve always managed to bounce back and keep on rising – whether it’s good or bad.


You are also known for your fabulous style – who are your style icons?


Olivier Palermo, Rihanna, Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian and JLO.


What is the mantra behind ‘Bonang’s World’?


The celebration of all things bright and beautiful – with the power to inspire!


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